All the Ups and Downs: An Introduction

My life is good. It is filled with ups. Nine years ago, God saw fit to introduce me to the man that would become my husband. Seven years ago, He led me to my role as an elementary school counselor where I get to work with amazing people to change the lives of children everyday. Three-and-a-half years ago, He gave me a daughter. Sixteen months ago, He gave me a son. He has given me an amazing network of family and friends that love and support me and drink wine with me. For all of this I am thankful. These things are my life. They are all of my ups.

However, these things are not without some downs. Marriage can be hard. Parenting can be hard. Being a good friend can be hard. Being a school counselor can be hard. Keeping the house clean can be hard. Getting the children to eat their green beans can be hard. Making myself actually get the clothes out of the dryer and fold them and put them away can be hard. Choosing between red and white wine can be hard. You get the picture.

And then there’s Down syndrome. Down syndrome has added more complexity – more ups and downs – to my life than anything else ever has. It’s a double-edged sword: Would life be easier without it? Maybe. Probably. Without it, would Moses be Moses? No. And for that, I choose to embrace it. Just as I choose to embrace my life with all of its ups and downs.

In this blog, you will mostly find stories of my experiences with having a child with Down syndrome as well as having a typically developing child. There will be times that I will also write about the ups and downs that come from the other areas of my life. As you read what I write, I understand that your experiences and thoughts may not mirror mine. If you choose to comment either in support or in opposition of my views, all I ask is that you be respectful to me and to one another.


6 thoughts on “All the Ups and Downs: An Introduction

  1. God never gives us more than we can handle. He chose you to be Josie and Moses’s mom. He knows you can do it. You are amazing!


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